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Alliance Magazine: A Role Model for the Good Ship Philanthropy? June 1, 2012
By Caroline Hartnell, Rebecca Adamson
...As the good ship philanthropy embarks on its global mission, it could do well both to embrace the ambition and daring of Columbus and to beware the rocks on the way.

Cultural Survival Quarterly: Fruitful Partnerships, June 2012 [PDF]
By Neva Adamson
At First Peoples Worldwide, an Indigenous-led organization based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we believe that collaboration with other like-minded organizations is an essential part of enhancing our capacity to serve...

Our Philanthropy: Is Corporate Engagement a Win-Win Model for Giving? April 2012
By Worth Haile
At a time when market volatility is affecting foundation resources everywhere, global corporate giving is bringing critical synergy and win-win models to communities all over the world. Shell Corporation...

CSRWire: First Peoples Worldwide Announces Partnership with Trillium Asset Management, February 1, 2012
By First Peoples Worldwide, Trillium Asset Management
First Peoples Worldwide (FPW), a global indigenous nonprofit dedicated to strengthening Indigenous Peoples, today announced a new partnership with Trillium Asset Management...

Alternet: Are Western Conservation Efforts Causing Famine in Africa? September 20, 2011
By Rebecca Adamson
To save the African wilderness, industrialized countries are wrecking indigenous cultures and contributing to starvation. There is a better way...

Global Reporting Initiative: Year in Review, 2010/2011
By Lucy Goodchild
“The mining industry is further ahead than other extractives industries in terms of good practice,” said Rebecca Adamson, President and founder of First Peoples...

Good Practice: 60 Second Profile - Rebecca Adamson, November, 2010 [PDF]
By International Council on Mining and Metals
Real listening to the concerns of Indigenous Peoples is a key challenge for the mining sector says Rebecca Adamson...

Cultural Survival Quarterly: Conservation Refugees, Spring 2010
By Mark Dowie
The only thing that has displaced more people around the world than war is wildlife conservation. For Indigenous Peoples, the consequences are the same.

Indian Country Today Media Network: Reactions to Cobell decision range from trauma and rejection to hope, January 12, 2010
By Jerry Reynolds
WASHINGTON – In 1982, Rebecca Adamson walked across a parking lot in Mount Pleasant, Mich., with Arnold J. Sowmick, the late, great leader of the Saginaw Chippewa...

Calvert Group: The World’s Indigenous Peoples, 2010 [PDF]
By Russell Barsh
Indigenous Peoples are kinship-based, non-industrialized societies that have traditionally relied on hunting, fishing, gathering, herding or gardening for their food, fuel and materials. They have tried to remain locally self-sufficient, and resist assimilation... The National Parks: America’s Best Idea? October 5, 2009
By Scott Klinger, Rebecca Adamson
Over the last week, millions of Americans have tuned in to watch Ken Burns’ latest series,The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. To his credit...

YES! Magazine: Age-Old Wisdom for the New Economy, July 7 2009
By Sarah van Gelder, Rebecca Adamson
Rebecca Adamson offers Native American views on scarcity, Wall Street, and how to thrive in hard times.

Indian Country Today: Adamson - In 2008 Trickledown Economics Goes Global, December 29, 2008
By Rebecca Adamson
Atlas Greenspan shrugged, recognizing a possible flaw in his market ideology. To say finally
that hard rains must fall on everyone just won’t do...

The Voice: Basarwa in Dire Need of Help, June 20, 2008 [PDF]
By The Voice
First Peoples Worldwide (FPW) President and Founder Rebecca Adamson has commended the Botswana government for recognizing the need to look into the Basarwa’s welfare.

Sojourners Magazine: Indigenous Economics, May 2008 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson
New investment strategies among Indigenous Peoples help create holistic and sustainable communities.

The Canadian: Indigenous Economics: Ancient Knowledge Inspires Economic Reform of Capital Markets, February 14, 2008
By Rebecca Adamson
In 1980, I started First Nations Development Institute to look at the role of assets in American Indian cultures. Indian Country in the United States is home to 1%...

First Peoples Worldwide: The Histories of Social Investing and Indigenous Peoples: Using the Tools of Diverse Cultures to Restore Balance to a Fractured World, February 2008 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson and Scott Klinger
Using the Tools of Diverse Cultures to Restore Balance to a Fractured World

Indian Country Today Media Network: Socially responsible investing gets a Native interface, January 8, 2008
By Jerry Reynolds
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – The conventional approach to socially responsible investing, SRI as it’s known, is to avoid buying the so-called ”sin stocks”...

EGA Journal: Indigenous Stewardship Preserves Biodiversity at Less Cost, Spring 2007 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson and Alifereti Tawake
It is no coincidence that 80 percent of Earth’s remaining biodiversity areas are also indigenous homelands. For centuries, Indigenous Peoples have successfully managed these lands, waters, and wildlife without recognition...

Philanthropy News Digest: Helping Indigenous Peoples Benefit From Philanthropy, March 27, 2007
By Rebecca Adamson
Indigenous Peoples are the poorest, most marginalized, and disenfranchised people in the world. Though well connected to their lands, their connection to the global community is much more tenuous...

Indian Country Today Media Network: International development agency commits to indigenous workshops, March 2, 2007
By Jerry Reynolds
WASHINGTON – Following a noon meeting Feb. 21 in Washington, an institutional structure is in place to monitor the impact of the U.S. Agency for International Development on Indigenous Peoples...

Financite Magazine: Interview with Rebecca Adamson, January 24, 2007 [PDF]
By Financite Magazine
De mère Cherokee et de père suédois, Rebecca Adamson a pris conscience de ses racines indiennes avec ses grands-parents maternels. Depuis lors, elle n’a de cesse de se battre pour...

Alliance Magazine: Indigenous Peoples and Philanthropy: Colonialism by Other Means? December 2006 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson
The donor–Indigenous Peoples landscape is a jumble of different types of organization that support indigenous causes, but they all have one thing in common: they do not understand how indigenous people think...

Freelance Star: People Power, December 31, 2006 [PDF]
By Hugh Muir
For more than 20,000 years, the small people known as the Bushmen have lived in the harsh lands of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa...

Indian Country Today: Africa's indigenous San win in court, now face regulations, December 29, 2006. [PDF]
By Indian Country Today
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. - The High Court in Botswana ruled Dec. 13 that the Indigenous Peoples of the Kalahari Desert have been ''wrongfully deprived of their possessions,'' including land where their ancestors may have hunted and gathered for more than 20,000 years...

Orion Magazine: Conservation Refugees, November/December 2005 [PDF]
By Mark Dowie
In the 1930’s, Ugandan leaders were persuaded by international conservationists that this area was threatened by loggers, miners, and other extractive interests. In response, three forest reserves were created...

The Monitor: Mogae Appoints CKGR Mediators, November 28, 2005 [PDF]
By Tuduetso Setsiba
President Festus Mogae has invited First Peoples Worldwide to facilitate negotiations between the government and Basarwa over the relocation of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve...

The Voice: Open Dialogue, November 25, 2005 [PDF]
By The Voice
We are dancing with joy because it is evident that before long the Basarwa and the government will sit at the negotiating table. It is inevitable...

Advancing Philanthropy: The Donor’s Turn: Rebecca Adamson, November/December 2005 [PDF]
By Jacklyn P. Boice
If you call Rebecca Adamson an “Indian Giver”, she would be delighted. Surprised? The true definition of Indian Giver is one who makes a gift with the expectation that it will be reciprocated.

First Peoples Worldwide: Asset Building in Indigenous Communities And Corporate Capabilities. March 2005 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson, Richard Warner, and R. Aura Kanegis
First Peoples’ asset topography includes financial holdings, natural resources, cultural property, human capital, and social, political, institutional, and legal assets. The initial strategy...

Alliance Magazine: Interview - Rebecca Adamson, November 1, 2004
By Alliance Magazine
Most people assume that conservation groups work very closely with the Indigenous people whose land they aim to conserve and whose interests they often claim to represent. According to Rebecca Adamson...

Native Americas: Land Rich and Dirt Poor, Summer 2003 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson
American Indian tribes are the single largest private land holders in the United States. There are 562 federally recognized tribes with reservations that range in size from less than 100 acres to the 17 million acre Navajo reservation. There are 333 federally recognized tribes...

Environmental Grantmakers Association: A caution on ‘soft-eviction’ strategies toward Indigenous Peoples in protected areas, Winter 2003 [PDF]
By Rebecca Adamson
At the World Congress on Protected Areas in Durban, South Africa, September 8 through 17, Richard Leakey aggressively maintained that...


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